About the GrattitudeGremlin

“They” tell me I should be grateful. And I am. Every day.

Oh yeah: “they” can’t tell me what I should be grateful for. So expect this blog to contain ravings about things that I am grateful for, that you may not consider gratitude-worthy.

In general, I tend to expect things to go right, and when I am thwarted, I feel deeply resentful. I just occasionally mention some of those situations here.

And yes, there are also some posts where I’m grateful for normal things, things I absolutely adore in everyday life …

Disclosure: This blog often reviews/recommends products from one or more 3rd-party e-commerce sites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, AliExpress, etc. Please assume that any link you click on will probably result in a small commission paid to me: this commission does not increase the cost of your purchase, it’s part of the fees that the seller pays to these sites to promote their products.
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