Lawyers et al.

I have often wondered why people seem to hate lawyers. I enjoy dealing with them myself, as they are often a much needed help in sorting out annoying issues. Often, even the very suggestion that I will be engaging my lawyers is enough to get the other party’s attention.

Despite that often quoted quip from Shakespeare’s Henry VI, lawyers are generally a useful breed. Love them or hate them, they do serve a useful purpose, more so if, instead of panicking, you prepare some good questions and know your desired result up front.

My experience is that it’s typically people who are afraid of dealing with matters head on that are afraid of lawyers. My only advice to them: in that case, get ready to lose every battle by default if you won’t deal with lawyers.

A good lawyer often will help you get the most out of any awkward situation, and, of course, is an essential ally in a real battle!

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