My go-to art supplies

Art Supplies List: My favorite things

I’ve been talking about my favorite (and not so fave) art supplies on here, on an ad hoc basis, basically rambling on about whatever strikes my fancy on any given day. The other day, I was pulling out my supplies to make a simple colored pencil piece, and realized there are a lot of bits and pieces I use, that may be helpful to readers.

And then, of course, I thought about the *other* kinds of art I do: acrylics, watercolour, pastels, markers, digital art … well, the list is constantly growing, it seems. And it would make no sense to lump them all together in one big post.

So, in an effort to be considerate, and really, just to make it easier for myself, I’m going to split this up into a separate section on the blog and set up individual posts just listing the specific supplies I use for each.

Here’s the master list (links will be added/updated as I publish the relevant posts):

  • Colored pencil supplies
  • Acrylics supplies
  • Pastels supplies
  • Markers supplies
  • Sketchbooks and other surfaces
  • Digital tools

The list will be updated if and when I pick up new media, or even try some fun not-necessarily-art projects (who’s been wanting to try scrapbooking? how about coloring books?)


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