Prismacolor Mixed Media set

Love Prismacolor Premier? Looking to graduate from student grade colored pencils to artist grade? Not sure if colored pencils are the medium for you? Have you been looking for a better quality colored pencil to use in your adult coloring books than what your school-age kid uses?

This Prismacolor Mixed Media set has everything you need to get started!

  • 48 Soft Core pencils
  • 6 Art Stix for unbeatable blending
  • 12 Verithin pencils for intricate details
  • 12 Water-Soluble pencils to create liquid effects
  • 1 mini sharpener

With all of this, plus a nifty discount (as of the date of this blog) on the already very reasonable price, how can you go wrong?

This set is great for many types of art, from freehand drawing and blending with Gamsol or other odorless mineral spirits to hours of soothing colouring in adult coloring books. If you’ve had a hankering to try out watercolor, but don’t want the mess associated with paint in tubes and pans, the 12 water-soluble pencils included in this set provide plenty of scope for experimentation.

The ArtStix are woodless colored pencils with the same soft, creamy cores as the Premier pencils, making it easy to layer colours for superior blending and shading.

Prismacolors have a long history of providing richly pigmented artist quality pencils with great lightfast ratings and superb creamy lay-down of color. Generations of artists swear by the Prismacolor Premier pencils, and many use the Verithin for finer details, as the colors blend beautifully with the Premier line.

Try out this set, you won’t regret it. And with the nifty 20% discount available as of the date of this post, you’ll keep some money in your pocket while you enjoy your hobby with more great tools.

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