Rubber Cement Erasers

I’ve been using rubber cement quite a lot recently, because I purchased a giant bottle of it on sale from my local art supply store.

Well, the problem with rubber cement is that it oozes everywhere. And worse, it doesn’t always come off neatly. Rubbing with your fingers removes it, but it leaves my fingers feeling weird. So I’ve been looking for a solution.

Turns out, there is this thing called a rubber cement eraser! The Grafix RCPU Rubber Cement Pick-Up is small (2″x2″) and does a nifty job of cleaning up the mess I seem to make every single time I play with the bottle of rubber cement. I’m getting better at spreading the cement thin, but I still have issues with size perception, so I still dab on a bit too much and this eraser is perfect for picking up the excess without damaging the surface.

Bonus: From reading the reviews, it appears to work well at removing masking fluid from art work in progress. I tried it, and am impressed … no more masking fluid fingers when I rub off the masking fluid to get to the next stage of my watercolour (or Inktense!) paintings!

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