Scientific Calculators Revisited

If your kid has recently gone back to school, chances are, he or she will soon be asking for a scientific calculator (probably already has!).

The Casio FX-300MS Plus Engineering/Scientific Calculator is a good all-round scientific calculator that will serve well through high school and undergrad math and science classes.

This one takes a 1.5 volt LR44 battery. The add-on program at Amazon brings the price down quite nicely, so it’s a good idea to just buy a spare when you buy your calculator.


  • You can see the whole equation at a glance
  • Nicely sized buttons
  • Large variety of mathematical functions (229, to be precise)
  • Fractions can be viewed as fractions or as decimals
  • Well priced


  • Difficult to see the numbers if the calculator is flat on the table
  • Quality Control seems to occasionally miss a defective loose button

All in all, this calculator is a good choice at a great price.

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