Sharpen your knife

If you’ve got a great set of knives, it becomes rather imperative that you keep a good edge on them.

While daily honing will generally keep the knives sharp enough for vegetables, you do occasionally need to sharpen them with a whetstone.

Our current favourites are these two traditional Japanese sharpening whetstones: The King Deluxe (300 grit) and the King 1000 (1000 grit) whetstones.

Similar to filing anything: first you rub down the edge of the knife at a 5 degree angle using the 300 grit, and then you hone the blade to a fine edge using the 1000 grit stone. Remember to first wet each of the stones, though – a dry stone will cause burrs on the edge!

Sharpen first, then try your ninja tricks with tomatoes.

Enjoy your fine sharpie!

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