So I’m a Spider – So What? [Manga]

We’ve been reading some manga recently, and after a few series, they all start looking similar. A stand-out is Okina Baba’s So I’m a Spider, So What.

This series is about a girl who is reincarnated into a different world, one that’s more like a video game. She herself is reincarnated as a spider … and as she grows in experience and abilities (see, video game!). There’s a dungeon, and monsters that she has to defeat to level up.

Okina Baba originally presented this as a web novel back in 2015 … the current version is a manga adaptation of that novel by Yen Press, which acquired the rights in 2017.

Not having read the original Japanese, the story still is clearly told from a different world view than that of the average American teen. The series is a fun read, and manages to explore both human and other-world psyches in a light manner.

Well worth the price of purchase, and quite a stand-out in a rather crowded genre.

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